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/cnick -raniovpylNmNsN [nick[!user@host]] [color] [modes] [levels]

This allows you to modify the items in the nick color list.

Optional arguments

[nick[!user@host]] nick/host of the user.
[color]            the color you want to assign to the nick.
[modes]            the list of modes required for that item to match, eg. @%+
[levels]           makes mIRC search your User List for a matching level and address.


-r     removes the specified nick or address from the list.
-a     sets the Any Mode option.
-n     sets the No Mode option.
-iovpy set the ignore, op, voice, protect, and notify list options respectively.
-lN    sets the idle time.
-mN    sets the highlight method, 0, 1, or 2 (corresponding to Message&Listbox, Message, and Listbox, respectively).
-sN    sorts the item into the Nth position in the list.


  • You can use /cnick -r nick/N to remove first item that matches nick in the nick color list or the Nth item in the nick color list.
  • To add or refer to an item as Any nick you can use the * character as the nick.
  • /cline over-rides the nick color list. You can use /cline -r to reset a nick to default color to make the nick color list apply to a nick.

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