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Returns comma formatted filesize.


The bkmgt options return the result as bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes or terabytes.

Using option 3 would return the best human readable style with remainders.

The suf property appends B,KB,MB,GB or TG depending on what formatting is being used.


echo -ag $bytes(1024,k)  ;Returns 1 because there is 1 kilobyte in 1024 bytes
echo -ag $bytes(123456,m)  ;Returns 0.12 because there is 0.12 megabytes in 123456 bytes
echo -ag $bytes(1536,3).suf  ;Returns 1.5KB
echo -ag $bytes($file($sfile($mircdir)).size).suf

Returns the size of the file you selected in the best human readable form with its suffix appended.

echo -ag $replace($bytes(1000000),$chr(44),.)

Returns the number specified by $bytes parameter in following form: "1.000.000".