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Overwrites the Nth token in text with a new token.


Note that you can specify a negative N.


echo -ag $puttok(This is a moo, test, 4, 32)

This example replaces moo with test and therefor echo's This is a test.

var %botinfo = Nick JoinTime Admin
if (!%admin) { set %botinfo $puttok(%users.1,$nick,3,No) }
else { set %botinfo $puttok(%users.1,$nick,3,Yes) }
echo -ag %botinfo

This example depending upon if %admin is $true or $false sets the third word in %botinfo to Yes or No.

Variables set:
%gather_info = L,Q,G,O,F,S,P,Dana myserver.com 12345 10   ;;Players Server Port MaxPlayers

on *:PART:#GatherChan: {
  var %tmp.nicks = $gettok(%gather_info,1,32)               ;;Get nicknames into a temporary variable.
  if ($istok(%tmp.nicks,$nick,44)) {                        ;;If nickname is in gather ...
    set %tmp.nicks $remtok(%tmp.nicks,$nick,44)             ;;   remove them.
    set %gather_info $puttok(%gether_info,%tmp.nicks,1,32)  ;;Update %gather_info's first token with the players that are left.