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Returns information about currently set variables, local or set.

$var(variable name [,N])[.value|.local|.secs]
  • Variable name is a wild card value.
  • N tells us we want the Nth matching variable.
    • N is 0 by default, and therefore can be used to check for existence without it
  • Returns
    • Variable name by default
    • Value if .value is specified
    • If .local is specified, returns $true or $false based on whether or not the matching variable is a local variable


How to search through local variables only:

var %i = 1
while ($var(%varwildcard*,%i).local) {
  echo -ag $var(%varwildcard*,%i) is a local variable
  inc %i

Find out how much is left on a timed variable (set with -u switch)

 ;set a variable, that will be unset in 2 minutes
 set -u120 %i Test

 ;Later you can use this:
 echo -ag $var(%i,1).secs 

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