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Returns the Nth token that matches the wildcard string.


Note that if you specify zero for N, it returns the total number of matching tokens.


var %mytext = fish cow cat dog sheep
var %number_of_matches = $wildtok(%mytext,*o*,0,32)
echo -a %number_of_matches
var %i = 1
while (%i <= %number_of_matches) {
   echo -a $wildtok(%mytext, *o*, %i ,32) 
   inc %i

This example would at first echo the number of matches, so 2, as an o is in cow and dog, then echo these tokens using a while loop.

This is an example to check if a channel name has been said in a varible or string, useful for anti-advertising scripts.

on *:text:*#*:#: { 
  if ($wildtok($1-,#?*,0,32) >= 1) echo -ag You're advertising $nick and thats not allowed!