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mIRC allows you to connect to more than one IRC server at a time. This means that scripts need to be multi-server aware in order to behave correctly when a user is connected to more than one server. The following commands and identifiers allow a script to handle multiple server connections.

Every connection has a connection id value (cid). So you can either specify a connection using this cid or using the connection number (con).

So each window that is created, such as a channel or query window, is associated with the connection id of the server where that window was opened.


Scripts can be made to perform commands on a specific server connection by using the /scon or /scid commands.


To receive the server connection id for the current script, you have to use $cid. Using $scid (or $scon), you can get the connection id and the value of identifiers (custom ones too) for this special connection (e.g. $me has other values for each connection probably).


; lets make a new alias showing the time we are connected to all currently connected servers.
alias showuptimes {
 var %i = 1
 ; we loop through all connections
 while ($scon(%i)) {
  ; switch to that connection id ($scon(N) returns the cid)
  scid $scon(%i)
   ; from here onwards, the values of the identifiers are 
   ; the ones from the cid we just switched to.
   ; lets echo the server and how long we're connected to 
   echo -a $server $uptime(server,2)
   ; increase the looping-variable
   inc %i

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