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The notify list is a like a buddy list.

It notifies you whenever a nickname in your notify list comes on or leaves the IRC network you are on (mIRC's On notify and On unotify events are triggered).

Note that the notify list works differently depending on the IRC network you are using. On some networks the notify list is only updated once a minute or so. On Quakenet, you will get the notify directly after the person joins/leaves IRC.

Adding a User

To add a user, you have basically two possibilities:

You could either open the Address Book, select the Notify tab, press the Add button, and enter the following information:

  • nickname
  • an optional note
  • a sound that will be played when this nick joins/leaves IRC
  • whether mIRC is supposed to perform a /whois (enable it only if it is really necessary, as it could flood you off the server if you have too many people in your notify list joining at the same time).

After that you have to click the add or update button.

Or you use the /notify command (e.g. for script).

Deleting a User

To delete a user from your notify list, you can also either do it by clicking the delete button in your notify tab of your address book or by using the /notify command.

Notify display options

  • Pop up notify window on connect

This will pop up the notify list window when you connect to an irc server.

  • Show notifies only in notify window

This will make mIRC display notifies only in the notify window.

  • Show notifies in active window

The default is to show notifies in the status window, however checking this option will also show notifications in the current active window.

  • Display address and time

On IRC networks that support this feature, mIRC will display the nicknames address and time online.

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