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Adds or removes people from your notify list.

/notify [-shrl] <on|off|nickname> [note]

Note that you can turn notify on and off by typing /notify on or /notify off.

To force mIRC to update your notify list, you can use /notify without switch.

The note is optional and allows you to specify a note for each nickname. Explanation of the switches:

Switch Meaning
sh can be used to show or hide the notify list window respectively
r removes the specified nickname from your notify list.
l displays your notify list.

If you prefix a nickname with a + sign then mIRC will do a /whois on the nickname as part of the notify. However, if you do this on too many nicknames then the IRC server might disconnect you for flooding, so it's best to use it only if you really need to.


notify off

Turns your notify list off.

notify -r Dana

This example would remove Dana from your notify list.

notify +Dana

This would add Dana to your notify list and make mIRC perform a /whois whenever Dana joins IRC.

See Also

  • $notify to receive information about your notify list.