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This script is supposed to check your POP3 mailaccount and return whether you have new mails or not. You will find a little alias at the beginning where you have to put your login details in.

; this is the alias where you have to put your login details in by replacing the <...>.
; lets actually make a new alias called mailoptions 
alias mailoptions {
 ; check if we get something like $mailoptions(emailserver) or $mailoptions(emailport) and return it
 ; like
 if ($1 == emailserver) { return <your email server> }
 ; this is normally 110
 elseif ($1 == emailport) { return <your email port> }
 ; probably your email address
 elseif ($1 == emailuser) { return <your email user> }
 ; this is your password
 elseif ($1 == emailpass) { return <your email pass> }

; this is the alias you can use to start checking your account
; lets make another alias called mailcheck
alias mailcheck { 
 ; at first we need to check if all details are given. Only if they are, we will continue
 if ($mailoptions(emailserver)) && ($mailoptions(emailport)) && (mailsoptions(emailuser)) && (mailsoptions(emailpass)) {
   ; this command will close a socket called "mailcheck" if one exists.
   sockclose mailcheck 
   ; here we open a new socket called mailcheck to our server on the given port
   sockopen mailcheck $mailoptions(emailserver) $mailoptions(emailport) 
   ; we set a variable for a later alias
   set %mailcheck_var 0

; this event will trigger if the new socket called mailcheck has been opened
on *:Sockopen:mailcheck: {
 ; lets check if there are any errors, if they are, echo it and halt
 if ($sockerr > 0) { echo -a ERROR | halt }

; this event will trigger when we receive any data through the socket
on *:Sockread:mailcheck: {
 ; sockread will put the data in a variable, here %temp
 sockread %temp
 ; the alias mailcheck_read, that we will define later, is supposed to handle eveerything we receive
 mailcheck_read %temp

; this is the alias mailcheck_read that will handle everything
; lets start it
alias mailcheck_read {
 ; increase the %mailcheck_var variable, we have set to 0 in the mailcheck alias, once everytime we get some new data
 inc %mailcheck_var 1
 ; we check if $1 is +OK. Read the pop3 protocol to get more info about it
 if $1 == +OK {
   ; if its the first time we get some data, send "user <username>" to the socket.
   if (%mailcheck_var == 1) { .sockwrite -n mailcheck user $mailoptions(emailuser) }
   ; after that, we need to send our password   
   if (%mailcheck_var == 2) { .sockwrite -n mailcheck pass $mailoptions(emailpass) }
   ; after sending username and password, we need to tell the server what we actually want to do. We want to know if there are new emails. So send "stat".
   if (%mailcheck_var == 3) { .sockwrite -n mailcheck stat }
   ; if we are here, %temp will contain whether we have new mails or not. $2 is the number of new mails, being 0 or 1 or any other number.
   if (%mailcheck_var == 4) {
     ; lets echo this to the status window
     echo -s New mails: $2
     ; closing the socket at the end as we are done
     sockclose mailcheck