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Used for setting channel and user modes.

/mode <nick|#channel> [+-modes]

If you're setting user modes you will have to specify your own nick. You cannot change user modes for other users. Neither can you view another user's usermodes using /mode. Channel modes can only set by a channel operator. However you can view the current channel modes even if you're not a channel op.

Depending on the network you're using there might be different channel and user modes. Here is a list of channel modes which are available on QuakeNet:

+bBan (Parameter: a hostmask)
+oOp (Parameter: a nick)
+vVoice (Parameter: a nick)
+kChannel key (Parameter: the key for your channel)
+lChannel limit (Parameter: the new limit)
+iInvite only (users need to be invited using /invite before they can join your channel)
+MModerate for non-authed users (regular non-authed users cannot speak in the channel)
+mModerated (only ops and voices can speak in the channel)
+nNo external messages (only users who are on the channel can speak)
+pPrivate (this channel mode is deprecated, use +s instead)
+sSecret (channel will not be shown in /list or /whois)
+TDeny multiple channel messages (messages with multiple channel targets, like /amsg, cannot be sent to channels having +T set)
+tOnly ops can set the topic
+rOnly registered users can join the channel (see the Q faq for more details)
+DAuditorium mode (user are invisible until they say something or change the topic/modes)
+dThis is set by the server if you remove chanmode +D and there are still invisible users
+cNo colors/bold is allowed in channel messages
+CNo channel CTCPs
+NNo channel notices
+uHide part/quit reasons

The following user modes are available to (ordinary) users:

+iInvisible (you're not visible in /who requests)
+wReceive walluser messages.
+RReceive messages/notices from registered users only
+xHides your host (you need to be registered for this to work)


Gives Dana operatorstatus in #help.script

/mode #help.script +o Dana

Removes invite-only from #help.script

/mode #help.script -i

Hides your own host

/mode <yournick> +x
//mode $me +x

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