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Bans someone from a channel.

/ban [-kruN] [#channel] <nickname|address> [type] [reason]

This commands includes a /userhost on the user and a /mode #channel +b <user address>.

kmIRC does a kick/ban combination.
rThe ban will be removed.
uNmIRC will unset the ban after N seconds.

If no type is spezified, mIRC uses the whole nick!*user@host to do the ban. If you are banning an IP address then a wildcard replaces the last number of the IP address. If you are on the channel, you don't need to spezify #channel.


/ban #help.script *!*

Bans the address *!* in the channel #help.script.

/ban -r #help.script moo!*@*

Removes the ban moo!*@* from #help.script.

/ban -ku30 #help.script foobar 5 out!

Bans the user foobar in #help.script with its address-type 5 and kicks him out with the reason "out!". After 30seconds, the ban will be removed.

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