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Internal Address List - IAL

Every user your mIRC "knows" is listed in an internal data structure known as the Internal Address List. It contains the full address, including the nick, user and host.domain for every nick in every channel you are in, including your own address. These are stored in a sorted list (alphabetically by full address). This internal structure can be turned off (useful if it's slowing you down when you're in big channels) using the /ial command.

Function of the IAL

The IAL is used in combination with user access levels for events. There are 2 ways to add people to your access list: /auser and /guser (which does a /userhost to look up their info and then adds them to the level you have specified by address, rather than just by nick alone.) To remove a nick from an access level, you can use the /ruser command which uses the IAL itself. The mIRC commands /ban, /ignore, and /dns all use the IAL.

Showing the entire IAL

If you want to take a look on your IAL, you can use the following script:

; lets make a new alias 
alias showial {
 ; here we create a new window 
 window @IAL
 var %i = 1
 ; lets begin to loop through the entire IAL. $ial(*,0) returns the total number of items
 while (%i <= $ial(*,0)) {
  ; we need to add every item of the IAL to the window @IAL
  aline -p @IAL $chr(160) $+ %i $+ . $ial(*,%i)
  ; increase looping variable
  inc %i

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