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Returns the Nth address matching mask in the IAL.


Properties: nick, user, host, addr, mark

If N is 0, it returns the total number of matching masks.

With no parameters, returns $true if the IAL is on, $false otherwise.

  • This is an undocumented function.


echo -a $ial(*,0)

This example echos the total number of addresses in your IAL.

echo -a $ial(*Dana@staff.quakenet.org,1).nick

This one would echo Dana, as it's the first and probably only matching nick.

ialmark Dana This is Dana!
echo -a $ial(Dana).mark

At first, we mark Dana with This is Dana! and then we echo it.

To get all matching nicknames, you could use:

; at first initialize the looping-variable
var %i = 1
; begin to loop through all matching nicks. $ial(*staff*,0) returns the total amount of entry matching *staff*
while (%i <= $ial(*!*@staff.quakenet.org,0)) {
 ; echo them
 echo -a $ial(*!*@staff.quakenet.org,%i).nick
 ; increase looping variable
 inc %i

This example would echo all nicks with the address *!*@staff.quakenet.org, that are in your IAL.