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This adds the specified nick with his address to the userlist with the given level.

/guser [-a] <levels> <nick> [type] [info]

This works the same as the /auser command except that it looks up address using /userhost on the given nickname and adds it to the user list. If no type is specified then a default address format is selected, being nick!ident@host).


guser 2 Dana 2 This is Dana!

This Example would add Dana with its address (type 2 - *!*@host) to your userlist with level 2 and information "This is Dana!"

See Also

  • /auser to add a user with his nickname (or address).
  • /ruser to remove users from your user list.
  • $level or $ulevel to use these levels.
  • $ulist to use the information you have stored.
  • $mask to get an overview of all types.