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This removes user from the user list.

/ruser [levels] <nick | address> [type]

If you specify levels then these levels are removed from the current access levels of this user. If all levels a user user has have been removed, the user will be removed too. If you specify a type then the users address is looked up with a /userhost and any users in the users list matching this address are removed.

If you put an exclamation mark after the nick (e.g. /ruser foobar!), it removes all users with an address beginning with foobar!.


ruser Dana

This would remove Dana from your user list.

ruser Dana 2

This would remove all users matching *!* as type 2 of Dana's address (Dana! is *!*@staff.quakenet.

See Also

  • /guser to add a user by his address.
  • /rlevel if you want to remove all users from the remote users list with a specified general access level.
  • $level and $ulevel to use these levels.
  • $ulist to use the information you have stored.
  • $mask for an overview of mast types.