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This adds the specified nick/address exactly as it is given to the users list with the specified levels.

/auser [-a] <levels> <nick|address> [info]

If you specify -a, then if the user already exists, the specified levels are added to the current levels the user has.

Remember, if the first level is not preceeded by an equal sign then it is a general access level.

Note that the level can both be a number or a word. Combinations are also valid.


auser admin Dana This is the #help.script bot.

This would add "Dana" with level admin to your user list with the comment "This is the #help.script bot."

auser blacklist Idiot!

This example would add the address "" with level blacklist to your userlist, inclusive comment.

auser -a =1,2,3 foobar

This adds the specified levels to the user "foobar. If the user doesnt exist, it will be created. Note the =, which means that the first level is no general level and wont replace an existing one.

See Also

  • /guser to add a user by his address.
  • /ruser to remove users from your user list.
  • $level and $ulevel to use these levels.
  • $ulist to use the information you have stored.