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Changes your nickname.

/nick new-nick


  • Valid nickname characters are as follows: 0-9a-z\[]^_`{|}-
  • A nickname must also not begin with a numeric or a hyphen (-).
  • Some ircd reserve single character nicknames for service bots, QuakeNet is an example of this.

Here is an example to check if %nick is a valid nickname or not:

var %nick = \V\alid
var %regex = /^([][A-Za-z_\\^`{|}][][\w\\^`{|}-]*)/
if ($regex(%nick,%regex)) {
  echo -ag $regml(1) is a valid nickname!
else { echo -ag %nick is not a valid nickname! }

Note: The above example, if you feed it with \Valid!nvalid, it would return it as a valid nickname, although the only valid part of the nick is \Valid. If you type /nick \Valid!nvalid the ircd would trim the nick to \Valid, this is why in the echo of a valid nickname we use $regml(1) instead of %nick, this is a back reference to the valid nickname captured.

If you also want to check that the nickname is atleast two characters long you can replace the * with a + as it will make sure that the second exists:


The example below will only match if the whole nickname is valid, so it won't truncate the nickname:


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