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The on CLOSE events trigger for various events relating to the closing of a window.

on <level>:CLOSE:<?|@|=|!|*>:<commands>

Read access levels to get more info about the <level> field.

The location where this event occurrs can be either a channel (#), a query (?), a DCC-window (=) or a fileserver-window (!) or everything (*).

Note that in the case of dcc sessions, it is trigger when a dcc connection has closed.


On *:CLOSE:*: {
 echo -s $target was just closed.

This example would trigger on every close of a window and echo it to the status window.

on *:CLOSE:?: {
 msg $target I have just closed your query-window, $nick $+ !

This triggers on the close of a query window and sends the nick a message.

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