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A snippet to color IRC Operators. Open remote (press ALT+r), go to file, click on new, and paste the code from below and click 'Ok'. To color IRC Operators, type /operscan.

 ; This alias performs a special /WHO request, making it easy to catch the result.
 ; The number '123' is used to catch the reply, this can be any number 0-999,
 ; but it must be the same here and in the raw event below.
 alias operscan {
   who * o%nt,123
 ; This raw event catches the special /WHO request made by the alias above.
 raw 354:& 123 &:{
   if ($comchan($3,0)) && ($comchan($me,0)) {
     opercolor $3
 ; This local alias sets the color for a given nick on all the common channels.
 ; 12 is the color number to use, change it if you want a different color.
 alias -l opercolor {
   var %t = $comchan($1,0), %c = 1
   while (%c <= %t) {
     cline -m 12 $comchan($1,%c) $1
     inc %c    
 ; This raw event catches normal /WHO replies,
 ; probably done by other scripts to update the IAL.
 ; The * in the flags part indicates the user is an IRC Operator.
 raw 352:*:{
   if (* isin $7) && ($comchan($6,0)) && ($comchan($me,0)) {
     opercolor $6
 ; You could bind the operscan alias to an F-key, for example to F12
 alias f12 {

See Also

  • who for info on the /WHO command