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Returns Nth item in the Internal Ban List (IBL), or if N is 0 returns total number of items in list.


$ibl can have the following properties:

Property Explanation
by This returns the address of the user who set the ban.
date This returns the date when the user set the ban.
ctime This returns $ctime format for ban date.


To show all info about bans you have stored for a specific channel, you could use:

; lets make a new alias called showbans. It will be like /showbans #channel
alias showbans { 
 echo -a Showing bans for $1 ...
 var %i = 1 
 ; lets loop through all items in $ibl for $1 (the channel).
 while (%i <= $ibl($1,0)) {
  ; echo everything we know about the current item (that is $ibl($1,%i))
  echo -a Ban: $ibl($1,%i) By: $ibl($1,%i).by Date: $ibl($1,%i).date Ctime: $ibl($1,%i).ctime
  ; increase looping variable
  inc %i

See Also

Use $asctime to convert the ctime into a human-readable format.