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Script to add links to a script for this wiki.

; $1 = file
alias wikify {
  if ($fopen(in)) { .fclose in }
  if ($fopen(out)) { .fclose out }
  .fopen in $1
  if ($ferr) { echo -ag Couldn't open $1 | return }
  .fopen -no out wiki.txt
  if ($ferr) { echo -ag Couldn't open wiki.txt | return }
  var %comment
  while (!$fopen(in).eof) {
    bunset &line
    set -l %r $fread(in)
    if ($len(%r)) {
      if ($left($strip(%r),2) == /*) { var %comment = 1 }
      elseif ($left($strip(%r),2) == */) { var %comment = 0 }
      if ($left($strip(%r),1) != ;) && (!%comment) {
        set -l %r $regsubex(two,$regsubex(one,%r,/((?:^\s*|\x7B\s+|\x7C\s+)[.!]*(?:while|(?:else\s*)?if)\s+)(\((?>[^()]|(?2))*\))(\s+)(\S+)/g,\1\2\3 $+ $makelink(\4)),/(^\s*|\x7B\s+|\x7C\s+)((?:[.!]*else\s+|[.!]*timer\S*\s+(?:-\w+\s+)?(?:\d\d?:\d\d(?::\d\d)?\s+)?\d+\s+\d+\s+)?[^\s\x7B]+)/g,\1 $+ $makelink(\2))
        set -l %r $regsubex(%r,/(?<=^|\s|\x28|!|\x2C)(\$[^\s\(\)\x2C]+\x28?|\$\x28)/g,$makelink2(\1))
      bset &line 2 $regsubex(%r,/(.)/g,$asc(\1) $+ $chr(32))
    bset &line 1 32
    .fwrite -bn out &line
  .fclose in
  .fclose out
  run wiki.txt

; $1 = command
alias -l makelink {
  var %c = $regsubex($1,/^([.!]+)(.+),\2) , %dot = $regml(1)
  if ($read(commands.txt,nw,%c *)) { return $+(%dot,$chr(91),$chr(91),$iif($gettok($v1,2,32) == %c,%c,$+($v1,$chr(124),%c)),$chr(93),$chr(93)) }
  return $1

; $1 = $identifier(
alias -l makelink2 {
  ;  echo -ag id: $1
  ; check for $!bla and $$bla and $$!bla
  var %id = $1 , %ex , %dbl , %br , %ret , %link , %n
  if ($mid(%id,2,1) == $) { var %id = $ $+ $right(%id,-2) , %dbl = 1 }
  if ($mid(%id,2,1) == !) { var %id = $ $+ $right(%id,-2) , %ex = 1 }
  if ($mid(%id,2,1) isnum 1-) { var %n = %id , %id = $!1 }
  if ($read(identifiers.txt,nw,%id *)) { var %link = $gettok($v1,2,32) }
  elseif ($right(%id,1) == $chr(40)) {
    var %id = $left(%id,-1) , %br = 1
    if ($read(identifiers.txt,nw,%id *)) { var %link = $gettok($v1,2,32) }
    elseif ($read(identifiers.txt,nw,%id $+ *)) { var %link = $gettok($v1,2,32) }
  elseif ($read(identifiers.txt,nw,%id $+ *)) { var %link = $gettok($v1,2,32) }
  if (%link == $null) { return $1 }
  var %link = $iif((%link != %id) || (%n),%link $+ $chr(124)) , %id = $iif(%n,%n,%id)
  if (%dbl) { var %ret = $+($chr(91),$chr(91),$$,$chr(93),$chr(93),$iif(%ex,$+($chr(91),$chr(91),!,$chr(93),$chr(93)))) }
  elseif (%ex) { var %ret = $+($chr(91),$chr(91),$,!,$chr(93),$chr(93)) }
  ;  echo -ag return: $+(%ret,$chr(91),$chr(91),%link,$iif(%dbl || %ex,$right(%id,-1),%id),$chr(93),$chr(93),$iif(%br,$chr(40)))
  return $+(%ret,$chr(91),$chr(91),%link,$iif(%dbl || %ex,$right(%id,-1),%id),$chr(93),$chr(93),$iif(%br,$chr(40)))


Abook          Abook
Ajinvite       Ajinvite
Alias          Alias
Aline          Aline
Ame            Ame
Amsg           Amsg
Anick          Anick
Aop            Aop
Auser          Auser
Autojoin       Autojoin
Avoice         Avoice
Background     Background
Ban            Ban
Bcopy          Bcopy
Beep           Beep
Bread          Bread
Break          Break
Breplace       Breplace
Bset           Bset
Btrunc         Btrunc
Bunset         Bunset
Bwrite         Bwrite
Channel        Channel
Clear          Clear
Clearall       Clearall
Clipboard      Clipboard
Close          Close
Cnick          Cnick
Color          Color
Continue       Continue
Copy           Copy
Ctcp           Ctcp
Ctcpreply      Ctcpreply
Ctcps          Ctcps
Dde            Dde
Ddeserver      Ddeserver
Debug          Debug
Dec            Dec
Describe       Describe
Did            Did
Disconnect     Disconnect
Dlevel         Dlevel
Dns            Dns
Dqwindow       Dqwindow
Ebeeps         Ebeeps
Echo           Echo
Editbox        Editbox
Else           If-Then-Else
Elseif         If-Then-Else
Emailaddr      Emailaddr
Enable         Enable
Events         Events
Exit           Exit
Fclose         Fclose
Filter         Filter
Findtext       Findtext
Firewall       Firewall
Flash          Flash
Flist          Flist
Flood          Flood
Flush          Flush
Flushini       Flushini
Fopen          Fopen
Fseek          Fseek
Fullname       Fullname
Fwrite         Fwrite
Goto           Goto
Groups         Groups
Guser          Guser
Hadd           Hadd
Haltdef        Haltdef
Hdec           Hdec
Hdel           Hdel
Help           Help
Hfree          Hfree
Hinc           Hinc
Hload          Hload
Hmake          Hmake
Hop            Hop
Hsave          Hsave
Ial            Ial
Ialclear       Ialclear
Ialmark        Ialmark
If             If-Then-Else
Ignore         Ignore
Inc            Inc
Iuser          Iuser
Join           Join
Linesep        Linesep
Load           Load
Loadbuf        Loadbuf
Localinfo      Localinfo
Log            Log
Menubar        Menubar
Mkdir          Mkdir
Mnick          Mnick
Msg            Msg
Noop           Noop
Notify         Notify
Omsg           Omsg
Onotice        Onotice
Partall        Partall
Play           Play
Pop            Pop
Protect        Protect
Pvoice         Pvoice
Qme            Qme
Qmsg           Qmsg
Query          Query
Queryrn        Queryrn
Remini         Remini
Remote         Remote
Remove         Remove
Rename         Rename
Resetidle      Resetidle
Return         Return
Rlevel         Rlevel
Rmdir          Rmdir
Run            Run
Ruser          Ruser
Save           Save
Saveini        Saveini
Say            Say
Server         Server
Set            Set
Setlayer       Setlayer
Signal         Signal
Sockaccept     Sockaccept
Sockclose      Sockclose
Socklist       Socklist
Socklisten     Socklisten
Sockmark       Sockmark
Sockopen       Sockopen
Sockread       Sockread
Sockrename     Sockrename
Sockudp        Sockudp
Sockwrite      Sockwrite
Speak          Speak
Switchbar      Switchbar
Timer          Timer
Timers         Timers
Timestamp      Timestamp
Titlebar       Titlebar
Tnick          Tnick
Tokenize       Tokenize
Toolbar        Toolbar
Treebar        Treebar
Ulist          Ulist
Unset          Unset
Unsetall       Unsetall
Updatenl       Updatenl
Userhost       Userhost
Uwho           Uwho
Var            Local_Variables
Vol            Vol
While          While loops
Winhelp        Winhelp
Write          Write
Writeini       Writeini


$$                   $$
$&                   $&
$*                   $*
$0                   $0
$1                   $1-
$abook               $abook
$abs                 $abs
$acos                $acos
$active              $active
$activecid           $activecid
$activewid           $activewid
$adate               $adate
$address(            $address_(nick)
$address             $address_(remote)
$addtok              $addtok
$addtokcs            $addtokcs
$agent               $agent
$agentname           $agentname
$agentstat           $agentstat
$agentver            $agentver
$alias               $alias
$and                 $and
$anick               $anick
$aop                 $aop
$appactive           $appactive
$appstate            $appstate
$asc                 $asc
$asctime             $asctime
$asin                $asin
$atan                $atan
$avoice              $avoice
$away                $away
$awaymsg             $awaymsg
$awaytime            $awaytime
$base                $base
$beta                $beta
$bfind               $bfind
$bitoff              $bitoff
$biton               $biton
$bits                $bits
$bvar                $bvar
$bytes               $bytes
$calc                $calc
$cb                  $cb
$cd                  $cd
$ceil                $ceil
$chan(               $chan_(window)
$chan                $chan_(remote)
$chanmodes           $chanmodes
$chantypes           $chantypes
$chat                $chat
$chr                 $chr
$cid                 $cid
$clevel              $clevel
$click               $click
$cmdbox              $cmdbox
$cmdline             $cmdline
$cnick               $cnick
$color               $color
$comchan             $comchan
$compact             $compact
$cos                 $cos
$count               $count
$cr                  $cr
$crc                 $crc
$crlf                $crlf
$ctime               $ctime
$ctrlenter           $ctrlenter
$date                $date
$day                 $day
$daylight            $daylight
$dde                 $dde
$ddename             $ddename
$decode              $decode
$deltok              $deltok
$devent              $devent
$dialog              $dialog
$did                 $did
$disk                $disk
$dlevel              $dlevel
$dname               $dname
$duration            $duration
$ebeeps              $ebeeps
$editbox             $editbox
$encode              $encode
$error               $error
$eval                $eval
$evalnext            $evalnext
$exists              $exists
$file                $file
$filename            $filename
$filtered            $filtered
$finddir             $finddir
$finddirn            $finddirn
$findfile            $findfile
$findfilen           $findfilen
$findtok             $findtok
$findtokcs           $findtokcs
$fline               $fline
$floor               $floor
$fserve              $fserve
$fulldate            $fulldate
$fullname            $fullname
$fullscreen          $fullscreen
$getdir              $getdir
$getdot              $getdot
$gettok              $gettok
$gmt                 $gmt
$hfind               $hfind
$hget                $hget
$highlight           $highlight
$hmac                $hmac
$hnick               $hnick
$hotp                $hotp
$host                $host
$hotline             $hotline
$hotlinepos          $hotlinepos
$ial                 $ial
$ibl                 $ibl
$idle                $idle
$iel                 $iel
$ifmatch             $ifmatch
$ignore              $ignore
$iif                 $iif
$iil                 $iil
$inellipse           $inellipse
$ini                 $ini
$inpoly              $inpoly
$inrect              $inrect
$inroundrect         $inroundrect
$insong              $insong
$instok              $instok
$int                 $int
$ip                  $ip
$isalias             $isalias
$isbit               $isbit
$isdde               $isdde
$isdir               $isdir
$isfile              $isfile
$isid                $isid
$islower             $islower
$istok               $istok
$istokcs             $istokcs
$isupper             $isupper
$lactivecid          $lactivecid
$left                $left
$len                 $len
$level               $level
$lf                  $lf
$line                $line
$lines               $lines
$lock                $lock
$locked              $locked
$log                 $log
$logdir              $logdir
$logstamp            $logstamp
$logstampfmt         $logstampfmt
$longfn              $longfn
$longip              $longip
$lower               $lower
$maddress            $maddress
$mask                $mask
$matchtok            $matchtok
$matchtokcs          $matchtokcs
$md5                 $md5
$me                  $me
$menubar             $menubar
$mid                 $mid
$mircdir             $mircdir
$mircexe             $mircexe
$mircini             $mircini
$mklogfn             $mklogfn
$mklogfn             $mklogfn
$mnick               $mnick
$mode                $mode
$modespl             $modespl
$mouse               $mouse
$msfile              $msfile
$network             $network
$nick(               $nick_(nick)
$nick                $nick_(remote)
$nofile              $nofile
$nopath              $nopath
$not                 $not
$notags              $notags
$notify              $notify
$null                $null
$numtok              $numtok
$online              $online
$onpoly              $onpoly
$opnick              $opnick
$or                  $or
$ord                 $ord
$os                  $os
$pi                  $pi
$pi                  $pi
$pic                 $pic
$play                $play
$port                $port
$portable            $portable
$portfree            $portfree
$pos                 $pos
$prefix              $prefix
$prop                $prop
$protect             $protect
$puttok              $puttok
$qt                  $qt
$rand                $rand
$rawmsg              $rawmsg
$read                $read
$readini             $readini
$readn               $readn
$regex               $regex
$regml               $regml
$regsub              $regsub
$regsubex            $regsubex
$remote              $remote
$remove              $remove
$remtok              $remtok
$remtokcs            $remtokcs
$replace             $replace
$replacecs           $replacecs
$replacex            $replacex
$replacexcs          $replacexcs
$reptok              $reptok
$reptokcs            $reptokcs
$result              $result
$rgb                 $rgb
$right               $right
$round               $round
$scid                $scid
$scon                $scon
$scriptdir           $scriptdir
$sdir                $sdir
$server              $server
$serverip            $serverip
$sfile               $sfile
$sha1                $sha1
$sha256              $sha256
$sha384              $sha1
$sha512              $sha512
$shortfn             $shortfn
$show                $show
$signal              $signal
$sin                 $sin
$sline               $sline
$snick               $snick
$snicks              $snicks
$snotify             $snotify
$sock                $sock
$sockname            $sockname
$sorttok             $sorttok
$sorttokcs           $sorttokcs
$sqrt                $sqrt
$ssl                 $ssl
$sslready            $sslready
$status              $status
$str                 $str
$strip               $strip
$style               $style
$submenu             $submenu
$switchbar           $switchbar
$tan                 $tan
$ticks               $ticks
$time                $time
$timestamp           $timestamp
$timestampfmt        $timestampfmt
$timezone            $timezone
$tip                 $tip
$toolbar             $toolbar
$treebar             $treebar
$true                $true
$trust               $trust
$ulevel              $ulevel
$ulist               $ulist
$upper               $upper
$uptime              $uptime
$v1                  $v1
$v2                  $v1
$version             $version
$vnick               $vnick
$vol                 $vol
$width               $width
$wildtok             $wildtok
$wildtokcs           $wildtokcs
$window(             $window_(remote)
$window              $window_(picwin)
$wrap                $wrap
$xor                 $xor
$+                   DollarPlus