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Identifiers are a sort of functions. Except, identifier always must return a value. When an identifier is being evaluated in the command line or script, it is being replaced by its current value. Identifiers which cannot be evaluated or evaluate to no value return the value $null, that can be used in if-then-else structures or in comparisons.

Most identifiers ain't even recognised as identifiers because of their generality in mIRC scripting.

Just to mention a few, $me returns your current nickname, $ctime returns in current unixtime, $mircdir returns mIRC's basedir. Identifier can hold different values. $ibl(#mirc,1) returns the first address in the ban list, $ibl(#mirc,1).by the address of user who set the ban, $ibl(#mirc,1).date returns the date when the user set the ban.

Some not so wellknown idenfiers are $1- (it really is an identifier too), $? and $0.


The identifiers are organized by groups as follows: Time and Date Identifiers, File and Directory Identifiers, Nick and Address Identifiers, Text and Number Identifiers, Token Identifiers, Window Identifiers Mouse and Menu Identifiers and Other Identifiers

There are also specialized identifiers for Agents, Dde Control, Custom Windows, Picture Windows, Sockets, Remote, Dialogs, Binary Files, Hash Tables, Regular Expression, COM Objects, Signals, Multi-server, Internal Address List, Sounds and File Handling.

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